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Opel Commodore B

1972 - 1977
Rekord D '72.jpg

Car parts for this model

Fig Original code Tags Price incl. tax
Fig x Bushing Upper Controarm Opel Rekord Commodore 75 - 77 (6 stk) 310459 310460 310461 NOK1,070.00 
Fig x Rubber channel windshield glass Rekord D Commodore B coupe 108594 Autoparts NOK2,810.00 
Fig x Door window outer recess rubber Rekord Commodore Manta Ascona 1 lenght 152905 Autoparts NOK151.00 
Fig x Bakwindow rubber gasket Opel Rekord Commodore Coupe 170180 Autoparts NOK1,264.00 
Fig x IMG_0762 Fusebox Rekord Commodore USED Electric NOK420.00 
Fig x ELVK120.jpg VK120 Electric NOK393.00 
Fig x IMG_0750 Windshieldviper relais OPel Rekord Commodore USED Electric NOK260.00 
Fig 1 Opel Rekord FR610.jpg Tie Rod Opel Rekord FR610 Suspension NOK235.50 
Fig 2 Opel Rekord FR609.jpg Tie Rod Opel Rekord FR609 Suspension NOK285.00 
Fig 5 Opel Rekord FR626.jpg Ball Joint lower Opel Rekord D Commodore B Ascona B400 Manta B400 352820 FR626 Suspension NOK228.00 
Fig 5 Opel Rekord FR612.jpg Ball joint Opel Rekord FR612 Suspension NOK233.50 
Fig 6 Opel Rekord FR611.jpg Ball joint Opel Rekord FR611 Suspension NOK287.50 
Fig x Bushing Lower Controlarm Opel Rekord Commodore 75 - 77 Kit 4 pieces P-U Bushes 352314 Suspension NOK596.00 
Fig x 424238 Spring rear Opel Rekord Commodore 424238 Suspension NOK856.00 
Fig x Bushings Panhardrod Opel Rekord Commodore Kit 4 stk 417200 417201 Suspension NOK300.00 
Fig x Bushing Lower Controarm Opel Rekord Commodore 72 -75 352311 Suspension NOK267.00 
Fig x 342100 Shockabsorber Opel Rekord Commodore Front Suspension NOK428.00 
Fig x Pull brace rubber bushing Rekord D Commodore B 353402 Suspension NOK80.00 
Fig x SDMOR1566.jpg Støtdemper bak Opel Rekord D Commodore B Sedan SDMOR1566 Suspension NOK646.00 
Fig x 436927 Shock absorber rubber Opel 436927 Suspension NOK45.00 
Fig x 350153 Rubber stabilizer outer Rekord Manta Ascona Kadett GTA Commodore Suspension NOK22.00 
Fig x Bushing Upper Controarm Opel Rekord Commodore 72 - 75 310455 Suspension NOK198.00 
Fig x Bushing Upper Controarm Opel Rekord Commodore 72 - 75 310454 Suspension NOK198.00 
Fig x Bushing Stabilisator Rekord Commodore 423308 Suspension NOK159.00 
Fig x TRWGDB100 Brake pads Opel Commodore Alfa Romeo Spider Brakes NOK453.00 
Fig x Brakelining Opel Ascona Commodore Kadett Manta, Rekord Ø230mm Brakes NOK540.00 
Fig x ABS0507Q Brakepads mounting parts Opel Ascona Manta Rekord Commodore Kadett GTA Brakes NOK138.00 
Fig x OPEL 1605449.jpg Brakepad kit Opel BMW Alfa Saab Audi VW BRKL36009 Brakes NOK235.00 
Fig x 550064 Brake cylinder Opel Rekord Ascona Manta Kadett Commodore 550064 550066 Brakes NOK225.00 
Fig x BPR6HS Sparkplug Opel Kadett Ascona Manta rekord Commodore Electric - ignition NOK52.50 
Fig x ZK127 Condesator ignition Mercedes Benz W114 250CE, Opel KADB 6 syl, Commodore A/B 1212242 Electric - ignition NOK174.00 
Fig x EVL4-6K Rotor Ignition Opel Kadett Manta Ascona Rekord Commodore Admiral Delco system Electric - ignition NOK70.00 
Fig x Vannpumpe Opel 1334072.jpg Opel Waterpump 1334072 Cooling NOK618.00 
Fig x KJTR86207888-1.jpg Termostat Austin Morris Opel 1338041 Cooling NOK174.00 
Fig x Windshield Clear Opel Rekord D Comodore B Coupe tinted with filter on top Glasing NOK4,937.50 
Fig x Opel Rekord D Håndbok Instruksjonshåndbok Opel Rekord D Commodore B som ny Literature NOK275.00 
Fig x IMG_0756 Steering column covers Opel Rekord Commodore USED Kit Steering NOK420.00 
Fig x 920361 Bearing Pitmanarm Opel Rekord Commodore Steering NOK236.00 
Fig x IMG_0755 Dashbordcovers Rekord Commodore USED left and right kit Interior NOK400.00 
Fig x IMG_0760 Handles Rekord Commodore USED Kit Interior NOK250.00 
Fig x Dashbord.JPG Dashboard Opel Rekord Commodore Very good condition USED Interior NOK3,750.00 
Fig x Lining Roof Opel Rekord Commodore without sunroof White USED Interior NOK800.00 
Fig x IMG_0757 Mirror Opel Rekord Commodore innside USED Interior NOK250.00 
Fig x IMG_0747 Light interior Opel Rekord Commodore USED Lamps NOK125.00 
Fig x ELHL9655H5L Headlamp Opel Rekord D used H4 left Lamps NOK800.00 
Fig x IMG_0749 Headlamp Opel Rekord D used H4 right Lamps NOK800.00 
Fig x IMG_0748 Blink lamp Rekord Commodore USED Lamps NOK65.00 
Fig x IMG_0761 Heater valve Rekord Commodore USED heating NOK375.00 
Fig x IMG_0759 Hoses Opel Rekord Commodore USED pair heating NOK200.00 
Fig x IMG_0763 Heaterhose valve Rekord Commodore USED kit heating NOK350.00 
Fig x IMG_0754 Mirror Opel Rekord Commodore Right USED Body Accesory NOK275.00 

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